Here, in my shop, your knife can be built to order. It can be ground from damascus or a carbon steel billet. I can also use a prebuilt knife blank or your favorite hunting knife that may need some customizing, and add your custom handles. If it’s ground from a billet it will be ground on a 2×72 inch grizzly grinder, shaped, drilled, and file worked ,then put in the heat treat oven to set the Rockwell hardness. Your handle will then be glued or pinned on the knife. Then it goes off to the small belt sander to shape the handle . Finally, a few more hours of hand sanding from 220 grit to 1,200 grit. Once the hand sanding is done, the knife is run on the buffer to remove any small scratches an add the final shine. All of my custom knives come with a custom built leather sheath, made by Carl Thomas of Mississippi.